Shandong Langte Industrial Co.,Limited

ABOUT LANGTE All what You Need To Know About Us Shandong Langte Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in March 2008, located in China’s Capital of Tires and the hometown of the Master of the art of war – Dawang Town, Guangrao County. This is the cradle of the Chinese revolution army, the town of Qi calligraphy brushes, a hot land for entrepreneurs, and a strong economic town. fThe company is focused on the production of various types of conveyor

Hot Products

    • Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

      Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

      The heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multi-layer rubber cotton canvas (polyester cotton cloth) or polyester canvas with high temperature resistant or heat-resistant rubber.
      It is bonded together by high temperature vulcanization.
      It is suitable for conveying hot coke, cement, slag and hot castings below 175 °C. It is mainly used in metallurgy, construction and other industries to transport high temperature materials such as sinter, coke and cement clinker.
      The temperature of the material does not exceed 800 °C, and the surface temperature does not exceed 220 °C.

    • NN Conveyor Belt

      NN Conveyor Belt

      Nylon conveyor belt, the middle mezzanine canvas is nylon canvas.
      Nylon (NN) conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin body, high strength, impact resistance, good groove formation, large interlayer adhesion, excellent flexibility and long service life.
      It is suitable for medium and long distance and high load, conveying materials under high-speed conditions, widely used in mining, coal yards, chemical, metallurgy, construction, ports and other departments.