Alkali-resistant, heat-resistant, cold-resistant

- Jun 13, 2018-

Rubber conveyor with heat-resistant belt, hardbanding, burn-resistant belt, oil belt, alkali belt, alkali belt, heat-resistant belt, cold-resistant belt and other characteristics. It is mainly used for the transportation of solid materials from mines, metallurgy, iron and steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemicals, and foodstuffs.

The conveyor belt is the main component of the belt conveyor and is mainly used for large-scale continuous transportation in the coal, mining, metallurgy, chemical, construction and transportation sectors. The transportation materials are divided into blocks, powders, pastes and pieces. Items etc. From the microscopic point of view, the conveyor belt is mainly composed of three parts: skeleton material, covering layer and primer material. The covering layer is a key part to determine its performance and use. According to the different materials used in the cover layer, the conveyor belt industry can be divided into two categories: heavy-duty conveyor belts and light-duty conveyor belts. The former uses rubber (including natural rubber and synthetic rubber) as the main raw material, and is also called a rubber conveyor belt. The scope is concentrated in the fields of heavy industry and infrastructure construction; the latter mainly uses polymer materials and is mainly used in the light industry such as food and electronics.

All conveyor belts must be connected in a ring to be used. Therefore, the quality of the conveyor belt joints will directly affect the service life of the conveyor belt and the smooth and smooth operation of the conveyor belt. The common methods of conveyor belt joints are mechanical joints, cold joints, and hot vulcanized joints.

The ideal and perfect repair of the conveyor belt must be strictly in accordance with the principle of “isothermal strength, same life”, that is, the use of hot repair technology and technology. The real purpose of the application of other patching technologies is to obtain suitable repair time and opportunities. Therefore, cold repairs and mechanical repairs must not be used as the ultimate treatment for damage to the conveyor belt. It is only convenient and simple to pursue, and the pursuit of low cost and short time will result in endless troubles. We hope that everyone in the conveyor belt system management and maintenance staff must clearly understand and thoroughly understand the basic concept of conveyor belt repair, and complete and smoothly complete the glue and repair work of the conveyor belt.