Avoid direct sunlight, avoid acids and bases, organic solvents

- Jun 13, 2018-

The heat-resistant conveyor belt is specially designed for conveying materials not exceeding 800°C, and the surface temperature does not exceed 220°C when conveying high-temperature materials. The heat-resistant and high-temperature conveyor belts are further divided into ordinary heat-resistant and high-temperature conveyor belts and strong heat-resistant and heat-resistant conveyor belts. The two are mainly based on the core strength layer of the conveyor belt. The service life of heat-resistant and heat-resistant conveyor belts is affected by many factors. Its storage conditions and the maintenance measures in use all affect its life.

When heat-resistant conveyors are stored, the following guidelines should be observed:

1, storage warehouse temperature, humidity should be suitable, the general requirements of the temperature between 18 ~ 40 °C, relative humidity between 50 ~ 80.

2. The heat-resisting and high-temperature conveyor belts should be stored in rolls when they are stored, and they should not be stored in a folded state. During storage, they should be turned periodically according to the season.

3, store direct sunlight, avoid contact with acids and alkalis, organic solvents and other substances, a certain distance away from the power generation device, because the power generation device will produce ozone when working, will produce corrosion of the conveyor belt, so that the heat-resistant high temperature conveyor belt aging .

Routine maintenance should also be carried out, mainly on the daily surface cleaning of heat-resistant and heat-resistant conveyor belts, regular inspection of conveyors and conveyor belts, and adjustment of the conveyor belt speed according to the nature of materials during transportation.