Different application environments and uses

- Jun 13, 2018-

(1) Wide range of applications, fine performance requirements

The application fields of light conveyor belt products are very extensive, and the requirements for product performance are very delicate. The performance requirements of different industries are quite different. The different application environments and uses of the downstream industries have different performance requirements for light conveyor belts and put forward high requirements for the technical capabilities of the enterprises. In this regard, companies need to achieve the performance of different conveyor belts through the modification of the cover material, the treatment of the skeleton fabrics, and the search for suitable primer materials and the best manufacturing processes. The performance of some high-end products also requires companies to combine advanced calendering technology. Can be achieved.

(2) Customers are highly dispersed

There are numerous downstream industries in the light conveyor belt industry. Enterprises with a large scale generally have a large number of customers. The customer structure is highly dispersed and the industries in which customers are located are also scattered. Correspondingly, most of end-users' demand for light conveyor belts is concentrated between hundreds and thousands of square meters. Large-scale customers with annual demand of over 10,000 square meters account for a very small proportion of the total number of customers. This led to the light conveyor belt industry with low customer concentration and very decentralized sales.

(3) High service requirements

The value of light conveyor belts is a relatively low value of the entire automated flow production line or transportation equipment, but it is an indispensable part of the normal operation of related equipment. Once a problem arises, it will have a significant adverse impact on the daily production and management of customers. Therefore, the downstream direct users have high requirements on the timeliness of services. This requires the enterprise to be able to understand the customer's conveyor belt use conditions in a timely manner and be able to respond to the needs for replacing and repairing the conveyor belt in a short time. Therefore, the construction of a market service network is one of the important ways for light conveyor companies to respond to market competition.

(4) High delivery time

Because the light conveyor belt is indispensable for the normal operation of the automated flow production line, downstream direct customers generally have high requirements for the delivery period of the conveyor belt products. Ordinary orders are usually required to be completed in 3-5 days, and large quantities of product orders are self-satisfied. Batch deliveries start from 1 week, and some urgent shipments, special delivery orders, and even delivery on the same or next day are required. For this reason, new material conveyor belt companies usually need to stock raw materials and coil materials of common specifications in order to meet the urgent requirements of downstream direct customers for delivery time.