Different environments and practical application requirements

- Jun 13, 2018-

Now that rubber sheets are everywhere, it is a new type of material and it has many advantages. The company can provide rubber sheets for different uses. Below, I would like to tell you about the use of rubber sheets with different rubber sheets. The rubber sheets have a wider range of applications. Different types of rubber sheets are used in different working conditions, but not the same environment and practical application requirements. The selection skills are not the same. For example, the glue used for the on-site construction skill may be cooked sheet or self-vulcanized rubber sheet. When the ambient temperature is too high, the vulcanizing tank is usually used for the vulcanization of the vulcanized sheet to improve the temperature resistance of the rubber sheet. , on the rubber plate construction conditions and working conditions are deepened, especially on some of the more useful skills, especially on mining and thermal power plant repair time is shorter, the higher the demand for rubber plate wear, the choice of on-site cold sticking skills The research has deepened, greatly reducing the cost of the company and improving the number of life.