It is necessary to apply stronger cores

- Jun 13, 2018-

In addition to the above-mentioned problem of running eccentricity, the conveyor belt often suffers from problems such as wear, scratches, breakages, and cracks in overlapping parts. The occurrence of these equipment problems not only accelerates the damage of the conveyor belt, but also causes the leakage and waste of materials. Usually, problems occur with conveyor equipment. In the future, companies are either suturing, heating, vulcanizing, or scrapping and renewing. These methods do not solve the equipment problem very well. The scrapped update also causes the purchase cost of the equipment to rise. Through research on polymer composite materials, European and American countries have found that polymer rubber materials can effectively solve problems such as wear, scratches, breakage, and cracks in overlapping parts of conveyor belts, and can be quickly repaired on-site.

skills requirement

It is necessary to have enough rigidity to support the material to ensure that the deformation occurring on the idler with effective spacing is as small as possible, which is necessary to ensure the smooth movement of the conveyor belt and the material on the idler, and the certain rigidity can also guarantee the Small bending deformation occurs in the transverse direction. This property is contrary to the groove formation.

The ability to carry loads will decrease as the width of the rubber belt increases and the weight of the material increases. For wider conveyor belts, it is necessary to use strong core-carrying materials because the load is increased and the bandwidth is increased. For a material with a relatively large weight, it is necessary to apply a core with a large strength, because the load will be greater, and there may be different choices in the layer structure and the thickness of the intermediate rubber layer;