Keep it dry and well ventilated

- Jun 13, 2018-

Description of the temperature control of the plate vulcanizer

  First, the temperature control of the vulcanizing press is the temperature of the upper three layers of the upper heating plate by the intelligent controller during the vulcanization process, and the display panel shows the test results of the heating plate temperature and the set temperature value.

  Second, the plate vulcanizer mold temperature rise process is a red light, when reaching the operating temperature then the alarm light turns green light. If the mold temperature during the vulcanizing process changes at any point that does not conform to the set temperature, an audible and visual alarm will be activated and the machine will automatically depressurize.

  Third, the work process, when the mold temperature and the machine temperature is a double closed-loop control, mold temperature is always in high-precision control, in order to ensure the perfect realization of the production process, the closed loop will be lifted outside the work cycle.

Vulcanizing machine as a conveyor belt joint tool, as long as the focus on daily maintenance can extend the service life.

When curing the vulcanizer, pay attention to the following issues:

1. The storage environment of the vulcanizer should be kept dry and well ventilated so as to avoid the humidity of the electrical circuit;

2. Do not use vulcanizing machines outdoors in rainy days to prevent water from entering the electric control box and heating plate;

3, if the working environment is humid, more water, when disassembling the handling vulcanizing machine, should be used in the ground to lift the goods, do not let the vulcanizer directly contact with water;

4, if in use, due to improper operation led to the heating plate water, should first contact the manufacturer for maintenance. If you need emergency repair, you can open the heating plate cover, first pour out the water, and then set the electric control box for manual operation, heated to 100 °C, maintain a constant temperature for half an hour, the line drying, in Belt glued in manual state. At the same time, the manufacturer should be promptly contacted for the complete replacement of the circuit.

5. If the vulcanizing machine does not need to be used for a long time, the heating plate should be heated every two weeks (the temperature is set at 100°C) and the temperature should be maintained for about half an hour.

6. After the end of each use, the water in the water pressure plate should be kept clean, especially in winter, if the water can not be put clean, it will lead to premature aging of the rubber plate of the water pressure plate, and the service life of the water pressure plate will be reduced;

The correct method of draining water is that the vulcanizer is not removed before the vulcanization heat is removed. If water is discharged after the machine is disassembled, water in the water pressure plate may not be completely discharged.