Maintains The Normal Working Tension Of The Conveyor Belt

- Jun 13, 2018-

Conveyor belts are practical devices that are often seen in daily life. In many scenes, they show the transport of goods and the convenience of living. In regard to the relevant operation process, how to achieve the safety protection of the conveyor belt? Let's take a look at the professional's statement.

When feeding goods, the feed should be uniform. Feeding is to improve the stability of the conveyor belt in the conveying process and the smoothness of the transportation. No feeds are excessive, which can cause the feed hopper to be filled up, overflowing the equipment and not only affecting the normal operation of the equipment. It will also contaminate the surrounding environment and cause the equipment to operate less effectively.

The helix assembled at the tail needs to be properly adjusted according to the actual operation of the equipment. When tightening the device, it is necessary to adjust the appropriateness to maintain the normal working tension of the conveyor belt. The concerned caretaker must pay attention to the condition of the conveyor at any time and find faults or damages, depending on the condition of the damage. Decide whether to replace or timely repair and so on.

The conveyor belt conveys a lot of safety and convenience for the goods. Under more circumstances, it also explains our need for information dissemination. At the same time as the convenience and safety peculiar to the correct practice of equipment, it is extremely necessary to do a good job of timely maintenance.

During the operation of the machine, it can be said that the daily workload of the conveyor belt is very large, and sometimes tape abrasion occurs during the work process. These situations are generally not possible to avoid, but we can reduce the occurrence of this situation as much as possible. Here's how to use the belt tape to reduce the wear and tear:

1. The feeding port should avoid directly above the roller or roller;

2, in order to reduce the impact of materials on the tape and wear, the direction of feeding should follow the direction of the tape;

3, the drop of material on the tape should be minimized;

4, tape receiving section should shorten the distance between the roller and take buffer measures. In order to prevent scratching of the adhesive tape, the contact portion of the material sweeper cleaning device and discharge device and the adhesive tape should be made of a suitable rubber plate with hardness, and do not use a tape head with a cloth layer;

5. Inspect the idler roller every day and find that the roller cannot be replaced in a timely manner. Then check the roller roller for adhesions and clean it in time.