New Materials, New Process Applications Expanded

- Jun 13, 2018-

The development prospects of the Chinese rubber industry are broad. By 2010, China's total consumption of natural rubber will reach 2.3 million tons, and the product structure of the rubber industry will undergo major changes. New products, new generations of replacement products, new materials and new processes will be expanded, and production technologies will have significant progress.

The characteristics of the rubber industry determine that when a country's rubber industry matures, the industry's economic conditions will maintain a strong correlation with the overall economic performance: the length of its development cycle is equal to the length of the country's economic cycle, and the trend is the same. However, because the rubber industry is a basic industry, its cycle changes slightly ahead of the economic cycle. In addition, because the rubber industry is at the front end of the national economic production chain, the volatility of its cycle is less than the amplitude of the end of the industry chain, and less than the amplitude of the entire economy. Therefore, from the perspective of industrial investment, the mature rubber industry is closer to the income-oriented investment industry.